By Warren Whitlock

Do you have a blog? If not, you are missing out on the best free promotional resource that anyone in business can use today.

“But Will People Read What I Write?”

It’s easy to get discouraged if you post something online and cant’s see anyone reading and then taking action. It’s very natural to be looking for these outcomes, but I’m here to tell you that the best results are 180 degrees from what it seems.

Here’s the secret.

You are more attractive when you are not trying to attract attention

Millions of people are writing, sharing and posting on the Internet today. Just like you, they want to make a connection and get recognition for their work. And YOU have the power to give it to them.

I like to imagine that every other content creator is like me. I know that I love to see a new person posting and do everything I can to support that.  From my experience, even the biggest bloggers are delighted to see interaction. I’ve never met one that doesn’t want more readers and the smart ones all know this secret.

Any connection with another blogger starts with getting noticed. Start with blogs the same size as yours and then move up to larger and larger audiences as your network grows.

Accelerating Beyond Comment Exchanges

The quickest way to get to larger audiences is to post where they are already reading. No matter how big your blog gets, most of the potential readers are not reading. So any guest post on another blog is likely to reach mostly people you’ve been missing.

Here again. Don’t be seen as needy. Instead of asking “Can I post on your blog?” use the reverse and say “Would you like to post on my blog?”.. You won’t always get reciprocity, but you will get a lot of offers to guest post.

Speed it up even more the with VIV Blogger Network

nicole-ari-parker-viv-magazine-01I’m working with a magazine publisher who reaches hundreds of thousands of readers. We’ve set up a blogger network and request bloggers to share. This post is a result of that sharing so I know it works.

Additionally, I’ve made it super easy for any blogger to initiate a conversation. VIV is now running a contest designed for bloggers. You just cut and past one line into a blog post and your users see the following widget: (Try it, you may win an iPad)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How to Get the Widget and Have Your Post Appear

Because I believe in networking as the key to promoting any blog, I’m using our own promotional resources to promote those that join the network. I can’t promise that every new blog will get a post on the VIV site, but I will make sure you get some exposure and that every blog participant in the giveaway will be rewarded.

To start, just go to my own blog post:

How One Click Could Triple Your Blog Readership

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